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Glaucoma New Zealand is pleased to facilitate research into glaucoma in New Zealand.

Research is fundamental to any progress in our understanding of glaucoma and how to prevent blindness from it. Research projects cover a wide variety of aspects such as how the eye maintains good health, why the optic nerve is susceptible in different people, how to detect glaucoma early, and the best methods to treat and manage this eye disease. All research is directed to a final common goal: to prevent blindness from glaucoma.

If you have an interest in supporting research into glaucoma in New Zealand please consider a donation.

The list of research projects supported by Glaucoma NZ




Nailfold Capillary Abnormalities in Primary Open Angle Glaucoma.

Hilary Goh was the Gordon Sanderson Scholarship recipient for 2018 - read a summary of some the findings in her research.


Exploring topical anti-glaucoma medication effects on the ocular surface in the context of the current understanding of dry eye.

To assess tear film parameters, ocular surface characteristics, and dry eye symptomology in patients receiving topical anti-glaucoma medications.


Glaucoma and the brain: Trans-synaptic degeneration, structural change, and implications for neuroprotection.

A recent hypothesis to enter the literature suggests that glaucoma is a neurodegenerative disease. The basis for this has been the finding of central nervous system changes in glaucoma patients on histology and neuroimaging.


Depression and quality of life with glaucoma

To determine the prevalence of depression and its association with visual field impairment, quality of life, objective assessment of visual function, and glaucoma severity in elderly patients with glaucoma.


Ocular Surface disease and quality of life in patients with glaucoma

To investigate the relationship between ocular surface disease and glaucoma-related quality of Life (QoL), glaucoma severity, and treatment in patients with open-angle glaucoma.


Neuroinflammation as a target for glaucoma therapy

The pathogenesis of glaucoma is still not fully clarified but a growing body of evidence suggests that neuroinflammation and immune response are part of the sequence of pathological events leading to the optic neuropathy.


High rate of incidental glaucoma detection in New Zealand

To investigate how glaucoma is initially detected in New Zealanders and what factors aroused disease suspicion.


The Genetic Basis of Glaucoma

Dr Andrea Vincent was the recipient of the 2007 Glaucoma NZ Research Grant. Click below to read a series of three articles she wrote for Eyelights about research into the genetics of glaucoma.

The Genetic Basis of Glaucoma Part 1

The Genetic Basis of Glaucoma Part 2

The Genetic Basis of Glaucoma Part 3



New research is aimed at strengthening the optic nerve.


Blood flow

Abnormalities in blood flow to the back of the eye have a role in glaucoma.


Knowledge and Quality of Life in Glaucoma

Dr Narme Deva was one recipient of the 2006 Glaucoma NZ Research Grant. Click on the heading to read her summary of some of the findings of her research.

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